Welcome Parents!



You probably found your way here because you were in search for things to keep your little bug boy/girl busy with fun, engaging buggy activities. Or you were perhaps looking for a fun outdoor activity to take your little one away from the screen. Well do I have news for you…


Here you can find all sorts of cool bug activities from online resources, Live events, and all things bugs! Some of these activities are free and some of them might cost you a couple bucks, but overall there is something for every kid in here, so lets get started.

When I was much younger, one of my very favorite things to do was go out and add to my nature journal. I would take my butterfly net and containers, go catch bugs, watch how they moved and such, draw them, take measurements, and then go home and research all the details about the little critter that I had found.

If you are wondering what things your little one might need in their toolbox to do all this at home, I have a really great brief Podcast episode all about what you might need to get them started. It’s called “Tools of the Trade”. Really, I always got about 90 percent of it from the Dollar Store!

Seriously though, Entomology is one of the most healthy and fun activities for your kiddos to do, regardless of their age and abilities.

Anyways, back to the stuff. A great thing for them to do once they come inside to cool off is maybe turn on a Nature show. Nature documentaries are very exciting for the kids and they seem to really love them, I know I sure did. Really any of them will suffice. There are a bunch on Netflix, YouTube, and even Disney.

Crafts are another really great inside buggy activity that they enjoy. If you need ideas and resources for that, one of my Entomologist friends wrote a book called “Bug Lab for Kids”. It’s on Amazon for very little money and it has a TON of awesome bug activities to keep the kids engaged. I really can not recommend it nearly enough.

If you have a little guy/girl that is in Love with bugs, consider hosting a Bug Event with us here:

I also have a huge library of family friendly Podcast episodes full of awesome, tailor-made, “lessons”. I have interviewed real-life Entomologists from all over the world on there! 

Really, its not that hard to include Bug stuff in your parenting everyday schedule, just try to implement some of the principles I have talked about. Also, in the “Students” section there is a bunch more awesome things that you can explore with your students.


One last thing though, you are AMAZING. Seriously, Bug parents are superheroes. The fact that you guys are willing to implement one of your child’s interests and put up with all the “gross” critters in your house is really special. That’s all for now, just go browse around this website and enjoy all the fun bug things within.