Welcome Teachers!


You probably came here looking for some cool bug crafts and things for all your students to enjoy both in class and at home. You want to be the cool teacher, right? Well then you’ve come to the right place. Here you can find all kinds of cool crafty ideas and resources for the kids to enjoy. There are also some more fun activities in the “Parent” section as well. 

I usually find that my students (especially the younger ones) really enjoy art. Insects and their anatomy are very bizarre and seem to captivate the kids. Just try setting out a few pictures of some bugs and give them some paper and crayons (or whatever medium you prefer) and let them just get down into it. They seem to really enjoy trying to replicate these weird shaped animals. The odder the bugs, the better. Try to find some photos of some bugs that they might know along with some bizarre tropical species.

Another great thing to do with the kids is nature walks. Do these as often as possible. Just go outside with the whole class and explore the park or the sidewalk, you will be surprised to see what they will find on their journey. If you want to level this up, give them all their own nature journals. They can draw the things they find, describe the critter they found, and so on. The kids really take pride in the fact that they have their very own journal that is all theirs. 

A fun thing to do in class is to do a “Bug of the Day”. Every day introduce a new bug, describe some of the cool things that this bug can do that might be unique. It really doesn’t need to be too complex but with just that little bit of information, the kiddos can go home and tell their family all about their cool new bug friend.

So yeah! Those are just a few good ideas. For more cool projects and activities, head over to the “Parent” section.

You teachers are amazing! Keep on doing what you’re doing. You have no idea the impact of a cool and fun teacher can have on kids (especially at a young age) trust me, they need YOU!